Ari Woeste

Cheerios Social

From July 2015 to May 2016, I created imagery for Cheerios' Instagram account. Along with a Community Manager, we acted as a powerful team of two working independently from our agencies that placed us together.

From the start, General Mills gave us very little direction so we were left to make it happen through our own direction and problem solving. Cheerios as a brand is pretty bland but ubiquitous in our culture and a staple in family households because they're an easy, instant kid pleaser. But why are kids, the biggest little bundles of imagination, so attracted to something so plain and simple?

I wanted to explore Cheerios as a canvas for imagination. We brought what makes kids so special to the Cheerios Instagram and Facebook feeds through playful imagination and whimsy, to encourage and inspire adults to play like a kid again, to play with their food.