Ari Woeste


iMatter Youth

Lead Visual Designer, UX, Branding,
Art Direction
Software for Good
2015 is a non-profit dedicated to empowering youth, ages 12–18, to fight for their futures through demanding action to end the climate crisis.

iMatter came to Software for Good with one big problem to solve:

Since they can’t yet vote, how can we utilize technology to empower young people to speak up about their futures?

They needed a tool for their youth teams to get their friends involved and to communicate to their voting adult counterparts and local government the urgency of immediate change.

We proposed a mobile-first marketing site aimed at a broad set of users: parents, friends of parents, and children ages 12-18.

The site first informs visitors about some of the current high-level issues, then poses a call-to-action to declare "independence from fossil fuels". This signed declaration gets added to a list of signatures in which a young activist can bring to their local governments as support for change. 


User registers using school district info
> sign report card (petition)
> coordinate in-person delivery to city government
> if government response negative/unreceptive, organize protest

User secondary goals:

> Connect with students in same school and district
> Creative problem-solve, ideate new projects and events through collaborating with other students
> Retrieve task instructions and details of upcoming events


If an activist feels compelled to get more involved beyond a simple signature, they register to continue the journey in a logged-in experience, guiding them through quests and tasks, getting their friends to join and organize events with them for their local chapters using the internal messaging platform (post-MVP feature).


old logo

Although they wanted to brand the iMatterNow campaign as distinguishable from the organization itself, they needed a refresh of their old logo to be consistent with the new iMatterNow branding. 

proposed branding system


In an age of digital saturation, I found inspiration in the most physically present display of activism — the act of protest itself. 

A friendly yet fierce hand-lettered "NOW" to accompanies the evolutionary take on the legacy logo, reflecting the painted signs found at iMatter’s marches and protests.

When a user visits the iMatterNow site, they should immediately feel as though they’re part of an active movement.