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Tried & True / Artcrank 2016

Tried & True / Artcrank 2016

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Bicycle inspired lettering piece for Artcrank 2016. 
Blind impression & copper foil on 120lb Cougar Infinite Black : Studio on Fire
Photography: Phen Grant



When coming up with a concept for Artcrank, I kept revisiting the idea of the bicycle being a staple in our current society in contrast to the ruckus it caused at its birth in the late 1800s. It evolved and gained popularity quickly, mobilizing and empowering those who could not afford or weren't allowed to drive vehicles.

Inspired by the traditional hand-drawn lettered adverts used at the time to promote the benefits, stability, and safety of the newly designed contraption, I hoped to create a piece of modern nostalgia for this form of transport that changed us. It empowered the marginalized, frustrated those in power and has now embedded itself so deeply into our world – spanning cultures and time zones, and now generations.

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