Ari Woeste

Hand Drawn Type Workshop

September 21, 2019
1-5 pm


Saturday, September 21, 2019
1:00 PM – 5:00 PM CDT



A-Mill Artist Lofts
315 Main St SE
Minneapolis, MN 55414


Course Topics:

  • Hand drawn analog lettering & type (pencil & paper)

  • Properly converting to vector (Adobe Illustrator, no live trace allowed!)

  • Properly modifying existing fonts for logotypes

  • Creative copywriting for lettering

  • Q&A


  • Drawing supplies

  • Hand Drawn Type Handbook (resources, tools, and tips)

  • Refreshments

  • PDF of presentation emailed following the workshop


In this workshop, you’ll learn creative and technical secrets letterers and type designers alike use to push their typographic work from clumsy to exceptional— and how to apply them to your own work through hands on exercises and demos.

Many of us struggle to communicate how we feel in our distraction-filled world. Since letters are our most direct form of visual communication, the art of lettering and type design have become increasingly popular as a means to creatively express our unique selves in a world full of noise.

The way letters are shaped can express a wide range of emotion to reinforce your message, from stoic and reserved to sassy and quirky. Choosing from existing fonts on the internet can be daunting or even underwhelming when you have a specific idea in mind. So how can you be in control, to draw your own type or lettering?

Most of us know good type when we see it. So it’s likely you know more about type than you think, you just need that extra push and the extra set of skills and cheat codes to make letters look the way you envision them.

You’ll walk away from this 4 hour workshop with a hand lettered piece, understanding of process from concept to vector, and tips that’ll empower you to take your type and lettering related work to the next level.


What to bring:

  • Notebook to take notes

  • Laptop for following along in Ai demos (recommended but not required)

  • Yourself, willingness to learn and a bit of vulnerability!


Although all skill levels are welcome and no experience is necessary, this course is crafted for those with beginner knowledge of lettering or type, or moderate understanding of graphic design principles.


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